Delphi Diesel Pumps
Delphi are a well-known diesel parts manufacturer, meaning high quality throughout. Based in Surrey, A P Diesels are stockists of most types of Delphi diesel pumps.

If you’re looking for a model of pump that we don’t generally stock, we will be able to order it for you direct from Delphi.

Supplying the Following Delphi Diesel Pumps Direct to You

9044A001A Kia Sedona
9044A013 Ford
9044A016 Ford (Transit Connect / Focus)
9044A020A Kia
9044A034A Ford
9044A090A Ford
9044A110A Ford
9044A130 Ford
90442072A Kia
9042A014 Renault
9042A041A Renault
038-145-209A VW Tandem pump 1.9 PD
Delphi Epic Fiat Dublo
R8640A111B Renault Kango
Zexel 106400-0550 Ford Ranger