Diesel injectors or pumps giving you trouble?

At A P Diesels in Surrey we specialise in the remanufacture of all types of diesel pump repair and diesel injector repair including manufacturers like Bosch, Delphi, Denso, Siemens, Cummins, Yanmar, Standayne and more.

We guarantee all of the work we complete, so you can be assured of the highest quality work and service, all at a very competitive rate. All of our reconditioned diesel pumps are completed to the highest possible standard.

Common rail fuel injection systems

Common rail is the fastest growing development in high-speed diesel engine technology. After many false starts, many of the world’s leading manufacturers of diesel cars and vans have been offering common rail as standard for several years.

The market already has some four million units for Bosch alone. Now with producers like Denso, Delphi and Siemens developing highly competitive alternative options, the overall installed base is increasing rapidly.

Difficulties for service centres

Until recently, the majority of diesel specialist service centres have been unwilling or unable to install satisfactory bench testing equipment for common rail. The costs have been prohibitive or sophistication has not matched the advances in technology.

We like to be different and therefore have introduced comprehensive bench testing for the diagnosis and repairing of all common rail systems. As a guide some of the test benches we have are:

Bosch EPS205 x 2
CMAX CRI3000 x 3
Bosch EPS707 x 2
Hartridge 700
Hydraulic Injection HI2000
Hartridge Cri-PC x 2
Dieselland CR-jet
Dayel Unit PCE
Maktest UIP UTS1004
Carbon Zap DS1 x 2

So how do we repair your injectors and pumps?

Diesel injector repair:

1. Thorough visual inspection
2. Parts dismantled
3. Ultrasonically cleaned
4. Further detailed inspection
5. Recondition or replace work components
6. Assemble
7. Calibrate and test

Diesel pump repair:

1. Visual inspection
2. Pump dismantled
3. Recondition or replace worn components
4. Remainder are ultrasonically cleaned
5. Reassemble in clean room
6. Calibrate and test using industry’s latest and most sophisticated equipment